5 reasons why I love Perranporth

Did I mention that I now live near my favourite childhood beach of Perranporth?! Three months ago I moved into an awesome house share in a village called Goonhavern, with two lovely guys. Every day when I’m driving home from work, I love the feeling of getting close to home and closer to the coast.

So, let me share with you five reasons why I love living near Perranporth.

1. The beautiful ocean

As mentioned, Perranporth beach is very close – just two and a half miles down the hill from my house to be exact! I feel happy as soon as I see the sea, especially when the skies are blue and the sunshine turns my favourite beach into a tropical paradise. On several occasions, I have raced down there after work and literally jumped into the sea with my body board. There is nothing better after a long day sitting in a hot office! I find catching waves exhilarating and the water is so refreshing (I don’t really find it cold because I have Cornish skin – I don’t even need a wetsuit!) When the surf is calmer, I love floating about and gazing out towards the horizon, just thinking how lucky I am to call this place my home.

Image of Perranporth beach
I love paddling in the sea on a sunny day!

2. The spectacular sunsets

On a clear evening, there’s nothing quite like heading down to the Watering Hole for a sunset drink. Watching the sun go down over the ocean is stunning and it never gets old. I love slipping off my flip flops and feeling the sand between my toes whilst sipping on an ice cold Rattler and chatting to my beverage buddy. It can get a bit chilly later but I always take a warm hoodie and it takes a lot to move me inside. On a really clear day, the clouds don’t mask the sunset and the sky reminds us of the true beauty of the world with its watercolour painting, featuring the most magnificent shades of orange, red and pink. Nothing could make me move away from the sea!

3.The fabulous choice of food

There is more to Perranporth than the Watering Hole my friends (as much as I love it!) I have recently enjoyed scrumptious fish and chips on a bench next to the beach car park from Pickwicks, an amazing cooked breakfast from theΒ Willow Bistro (I must go back there for a romantic tapas meal in the evening soon!) and devoured delicious Indian cuisine at Jaipur restaurant. I went to Jaipur for the first time this week after hearing good reviews and I was not disappointed. I chose the lamb nasheeli which is a gorgeous dish cooked with fresh stem ginger with pilau rice and peshwari naan. I can’t wait to return and try something else! Of course the beach itself is also great for picnics and BBQ’s – just need to watch out for those peskie sea gulls!

Image of Perranporth beach
A seagull trying to steal chips at the Watering Hole!

4.The amazing music scene

I mentioned in my previous post that I have been fortunate enough to attend some awesome gigs during the Spring and Summer. My absolute favourite was Gentlemen’s Dub Club as I do love my reggae/ska/dub music. I went with my best friend and my housemate and we literally had the best time dancing right at the front and drinking many a rum and coke. The watering Hole is such a unique venue for live music and it’s great that so many big names want to play there – even Tom Jones was there a few weeks ago! I just wish there was a night bus or a cheaper taxi service – is it just me who thinks that Β£20 for two and a half miles is a bit pricey?! Well, it’s the price you pay for living in Cornwall I suppose.

5.The idyllic sand dunes

Finally, when I’m not in the sea, watching the sunset with a drink, dancing to live music or stuffing my face with amazing food, I love nothing better than to chill out in the soft sand dunes. This is what makes Perranporth stand out from other beaches (yes, I know that Holywell Bay, Crantock etc. also have lush sand dunes but, in my eyes, you can’t beat Perran!) After I’ve been body boarding, I love nothing better than to lie on my towel on the dunes, drying off in the sun. Or sometimes when I just need time to zone out, I take a book up onto the dunes and find a quiet spot to read. There are usually little groups enjoying BBQ’s in a sheltered spot and others like me, taking in the scenery. I feel like this is my home, and as much as I love exploring all of the places in Cornwall, I think this is always where I will feel happiest.

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