Dodging the rain showers at Gyllyngvase Beach

Last week’s adventures took me to Falmouth for a meeting. I immediately decided that I couldn’t drive the 55 miles from St Germans to Falmouth without exploring a bit! I haven’t spent time in Falmouth for yonks (yes, I still use that word…) so decided to head to Gyllyngvase beach as I have some good childhood memories of going there.


The day had started out as sunny (although I later found out that there were some hail showers further west) so I enjoyed my drive through the stunning county of Cornwall. Unfortunately, when I began driving to Gyllyngvase beach, the skies completely opened up and the most torrential rain I have seen for a long time began hitting the car at full force and flooding the roads with puddles. Eventually, I had to pull over because I could barely see!

When the rain eased a bit, I navigated my way to the Gyllyngvase beach car park where, again, the weather became more vicious so I sheltered in the car for a bit longer.

Finally, I plucked up the courage to leave the car park, equipped with my trusty Seasalt sea folly jacket, and walked speedily towards Gylly Beach Café. I had planned to grab some lunch here but, despite it being a Tuesday, the place was rammed. Instead, I quickly changed from my business wear to my casual clothes before venturing onto the sand.


Sometimes in the Winter it’s difficult to imagine how Cornwall’s beaches come alive in the Summer. But of course, everything looks different in the sun: the sea becomes more turquoise and the sand becomes more golden. If I squinted a bit, I could just about envision myself swimming in the sea there in a couple of months and then drying off on a beach towel.

This particular day, however, was pretty abysmal. Apart from myself, I counted only two other people on the beach – and they were both walking their dogs! Still, like a loon I ventured on, determined to make the most of being able to walk on this beautiful beach, even in the fowl weather.

Half wishing I had found a table in the café and was enjoying a hot cup of coffee, I battled with the wind and rain, holding onto my hood for dear life. The sun often looked like it was going to break through the clouds, but they were too heavy with rain and threatening to burst at any moment.

Despite feeling a bit mad, I still found the walk refreshing and rejuvenating after a busy morning. After all, there’s no place I would rather be than by the sea. The beaches in Falmouth are gorgeous and I can’t wait to return in a couple of months.


The beach was deserted, apart from the two people and two dogs I mentioned, but wait until Easter time and the crowds will begin swarming in. Who can blame them? Cornwall’s beauty is like no other and there are so many amazing beaches and coves to explore. I can’t wait for my first sea swim of 2017! It won’t be long now, but until then, check out my list of what to do in Cornwall when it rains.

Feeling fresh after my bracing walk, I headed back to the car. Gylly Caf̩ would have to wait for another day. Drenched and hungry, I blasted out the car heater and drove back to Fraddon, where I enjoyed a cheeky mid-way McDonalds Рshh.

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