Cornish Maids were not made for pebble beaches!

At the weekend I went on an exciting little adventure to Axmouth in South East Devon, to see a friend. The drive took about an hour and forty minutes from where I live in South East Cornwall and I drove through some pretty Devonshire towns and villages, such as Newton Poppleford and Sidford. The countyside looked stunning on the way there as the weather was bright and sunny; but on my return journey it was quite spooky with thick layers of fog and angry rain.

During my stay in Devon (where they put carrots in pasties and put the cream on first on a scone – eek!) we visited a little seaside town called Beer. The morning sunshine gradually faded and there were viscous grey clouds rolling in from the sea, but we still managed a walk on the beach before retreating to the pub.


In Cornwall, we are blessed with sandy beaches; it’s true that some of the beaches near where I currently live have disappointingly grey sand, and a couple of them even have pebbles – but SE Devon has beaches with large pebbles. If you’re looking for a leg workout with a difference then visit one of these beaches; walking on a pebble beach is more of an expedition than a stroll!

We sort of hiked through the stones, every now and then slipping downwards towards the sea – at one point Matt got his shoes soaked just by one misjudged wave, which came in a little further than expected. The sea looked menacing, with the grey clouds reflecting off its surface and, as we retreated back to the town, the rain clouds seemed to follow us. We quickly took a few photos, before the clouds opened up, of the fishing boats and the colourful beach huts.

We headed into one of the local pubs for a pint of ale/cider as the rain started getting heavier outside. I enjoyed the walk on the beach because I always love seeing and hearing the sea – the pebbles, however, I am not convinced about! I can’t imagine walking on that sort of beach with bare feet or sunbathing on the stones; give me my Cornish sandy beaches any day! Still, another adventure and another memory by the sea 🙂


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