Gorgeous Godrevy and winter beach strolls that kept me sane

December was a quiet month. I found myself single in November, after realising that it just wasn’t meant to be, so the past month or so has been all about getting myself into the right head space: figuring out what I want from life and from 2017, in all aspects of my world.

My second nephew was born in mid-November so there were a few trips to Bristol and back for those precious cuddles with newborn baby Elliot, as well as quality time with my sister, brother-in-law and my two-year-old nephew, Jack, who is currently obsessed with cars and play-dough and beginning to string sentences together.

Christmas was quiet. Mum and I were in Bristol for a few days leading up to the big day and then returned to Cornwall for an extremely quiet Christmas day. We went for a lovely walk around St Germans in between the rain showers; devoured an enormous Xmas lunch and various other nibbles; and watched some classic Christmas TV, such as The Lion King, which I hadn’t seen in years!

My New Year’s Eve was spent with my friend Hanna and a few others at The Unicorn in Porthtowan, where they had a Narnia Party. Everyone was dressed up and there were fireworks over the beach at midnight; the DJ. however, was pretty rubbish! Nevertheless, we still had a good old boogie (some of the tunes were great, some were pants, and he just didn’t know how to successfully transition one song into the next!) I would say that the best part of the night was getting ready at Hanna’s house with plenty of prosecco and glitter!

So, aside from spending quality time with family, the main thing that kept me sane throughout December were some long and blustery strolls on the beach at locations including Downderry (near me in SE Cornwall), Porthtowan (where I went for New Year and one of my favourite childhood beaches) and Godrevy.


I hadn’t been to Godrevy since I was a child and could barely remember it but it was definitely my favourite beach walk of the season so far. Godrevy is one of the most common places in Cornwall to spot seals and dolphins. Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky enough to see any on this occasion but the beautiful golden sand stretches out for over a mile, which is perfect for an invigorating walk on the rugged Atlantic coast.


There were lots of dog walkers as well as horse riders, galloping majestically beside the choppy, wintry waves. It was a misty day, making the iconic Godrevy Lighthouse look almost spooky. After a brisk walk, I sat on the sand dunes for a while, just breathing in the fresh, salty air and taking in the fantastic scenery which we are so lucky to be surrounded by in Cornwall. I also indulged in a breakfast bap and a coffee at the delightful Godrevy Beach Café.

I can’t wait to revisit this gorgeous beach in the summer, just one of the many things I am looking forward to in 2017 as the months roll forward into Spring.


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