A wander In The woods

Autumn: the weather gets crisper, the drinks get warmer and the evenings get cosier. Not only that, the countryside dazzles us with its vibrant hues of green, red, yellow and orange. This time of year is perfect for grabbing your wellies and heading out for a wander in the woods.


There’s no better feeling than being outdoors and breathing in some fresh autumnal air. The trees seem to stretch to the heavens and the sunlight creates shadows on the path. It feels like your own little world, ready for exploring; what lies behind the tree trunks? What lurks in the long grass?

As I was meandering through Cardinham Woods on a sunny day in September, my thoughts began to wander as well. There’s something about being completely immersed in nature that can help you to arrange your thoughts and clear your mind.

I often write about my love of the beach and the sea but there’s something quite enchanting about a stroll in the woods. During my walk, I began to wonder how mysterious the woods would seem when the sun went down, how darkness would create an eerie atmosphere throughout the woodland.

Writers often draw inspiration for stories from places like this: the trees Β are like stunning skyscrapers; the pathways create a sense of adventure and intrigue; and the shadows conjure up images of magical creatures.

When you’re exploring, the woods seem so vast. I found that I was reminded of various captivating stories and films; everything from ‘The Magic Far Away Tree’ to ‘The Blair Witch Project’.


A walk in the woods can be invigorating, therapeutic and inspiring. Let the natural beauty take you on a journey, both physically and mentally, and let it evoke images, memories and emotions within you. Who knows, it could ignite a passion or spark a creative idea – I know it certainly inspired me to start sketching out story ideas over a coffee in the Woods CafΓ©. So head out to the woods for a wander: a place to digest life, to dream and to discover.


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