Hello September!

Having spent 18 years in education followed by three and a half years working as a teacher, the concept of ‘new term, new start’ is fully ingrained in my mindset.

It might feel like summer is over because the evenings are pulling in fast and Christmas seems to be hurtling towards us at an unstoppable rate – but let’s not forget that we can still expect some gorgeous sunny days throughout this autumnal month.

September is a great time to cherish the remainder of the warm weather whilst setting some goals for the rest of the year; what else do you want to achieve before 2016 ends?

There are tons of reasons why I’m excited about September which I will share with you here:

1. We get our beaches back

Tourist season is pretty much over, with the kids going back to school, so September is the perfect time to enjoy Cornwall whilst avoiding the crowds. There’s less traffic on the roads and less people in the sea – plus the sea is usually warmer at this time of year having been warmed throughout the summer.

2. There’s better programmes on TV

September sees the return of Bake Off, X Factor (yes, I’m still addicted after over ten years), and of course, Poldark! I am most excited about the latter because of the Cornish links – stunning seaside and countryside shots of Cornwall, an insight into our mining heritage and the comical use of the Cornish dialect – plus, Aidan Turner is pretty easy on the eye!

3. There’s still 4 months left of the year

4 months is actually a pretty long time. I think these days people get a bit swept up in Christmas a bit too early and start wishing the year away. During September – December, there’s still heaps of time to get things done. I’ve got plenty of things I want to achieve during the next few months including career, social and financial goals. Go ahead and write your own list!

4. The countryside gets even prettier

Don’t be depressed about the shorter evenings, just get out and make the most of what we do have! September is the perfect time to enjoy a woodland walk or a drive in the countryside; the colours this time of year are insanely beautiful. Plus, Autumnal sunsets can actually be more stunning than summer ones – so head to the beach for an evening drink and watch the sun go down!

5. There are tons of festivals and events

September has a fantastic variety of events happening all across the county. There’s the Boombox Festival on the Lizard this weekend, the Little Orchard Cider & Music Festival next weekend, the Looe Festival towards the end of the month, plus countless fish festivals and other foodie events to look out for. It doesn’t stop there either – October brings the Falmouth Reggae Festival and Oktoberfest celebrations in Truro. I just wish I could attend them all!

So, set some goals, get out and enjoy the sunny weather before it disappears and know that there’s still loads to look forward to!

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