Truro: My Home Town

Today I returned to my home town of Truro. I grew up in Threemilestone (a village three miles from Truro) but spent a lot of time in Truro itself as a child and teenager. Technically, Truro is a city as it has a cathedral, but I like to refer to it as ‘Truro Town’,  as they do in Poldark!

The purpose of me returning to my childhood town today was to meet an old school friend, Jon and his wife, Flick. They live in Surrey but have been in Cornwall visiting family; so it was the perfect opportunity for a reunion, having not seen them in far too many years! So a plan of coffee and cake was put in place.

Whenever I return to Truro I am hit with a massive sense of nostalgia; this is the town where I attended dancing lessons as a child, went shopping on Saturdays with friends, fell in love with books at the library, experienced pubs and clubs for the first time and where I dated my first serious boyfriend. Plus, of course, I ate countless pasties from Rowes,  Warrens and the Oggy Oggy Pasty Shop.

Today was another trip down memory lane. Everywhere I turned I was reminded of happy, embarrassing, funny or silly memories…the place is full of ghosts, but in a good way. It looked beautiful today, as places always do when the sun is shining, and I enjoyed a leisurely walk from the train station into the town.

I was excited and a little bit nervous to meet my friends, a feeling I often get when I haven’t seen people for a long time. Of course, it was fine, with old friends it doesn’t seem to matter how much time goes by – you just pick up where you left off.


We had a lovely time catching up in a coffee shop in Lemon Street Market and began planning another reunion with other friends in Surrey or London, something I really hope we do put into action.

It was so great to spend time with someone I was such great friends with during my teenage years in our home town; I was reminded that, although some things change a lot, certain other things remain the same. I have so many memories of the good old days in Cornwall and I do feel a bit sad that everyone now lives in different places and things will never be as they were. Such is life, but it is wonderful to keep in touch with the people you grew up with.

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