How to survive a Festival

Festival season has been in full swing for a while, but these days it continues into the Autumn. I’m feeling a little bit hard done by this week because I don’t have a ticket to Boomtown Fair, a festival in Hampshire that I attended for four years in a row. Combine that with the fact that Port Eliot Festival took place literally on my doorstep last weekend and Boardmasters is happening in Newquay this weekend.

Sadly, I have no festival tickets this year. This will be the first time in many years that I won’t be raving my socks off until the early hours and drinking  cyder for breakfast. A summer without muddy wellies, stinky toilets and rain soaked clothes. Ok, so that does make me feel a little bit better. But seriously, a summer without amazing music, happy vibes and a festival burrito…it’s breaking my heart. There’s always next year…

So here’s what I’ve learnt about festival survival over the years:

1.Pack spare underwear and socks

You never know when you’re going to be caught in a freak downpour and, once the heavens have opened, there’s usually nowhere to take cover! Cue absolutely soaking clothes, right through to the undergarments. You need the reassurance that you can return to your tent and treat yourself to some dry undies.

2. Wear a bumbag

I’m so happy that these little beasts came back into fashion because they’re absolutely wicked for storing the essentials. No one wants the faff of an actual bag when they’re dancing and backpacks can easily be broken into when you’re walking around the site or bopping in the crowd. If you want to be able to easily see and reach your stuff at all times, clip on a bumbag. And if you’re particularly paranoid like me, keep it on whilst you’re asleep!

3. Always go armed with fancy dress and glitter

You may think you can’t be bothered to waste your hard earned money on a fancy dress costume, but let me tell you, you’ll regret it if you don’t! Everyone is there to have a good time and you’ll want to be part of the madness and mayhem. Some festivals have fancy dress themes or you and your mates can come up with your own. Definitely invest in some glitter or sparkly jewels and offer to decorate random strangers. We’re all friends in the magical festival world, after all.

4. Always have tissues and wet wipes to hand

As mentioned above, the toilets are always going to be disgusting, so you need to be prepared. Hand sanitiser is a life saver as well; you will never feel like your hands are completely clean, but at least it obliterates any nasty germs.  When queuing for the loo, you can almost guarantee that someone will ask you if you have any toilet paper – suddenly you’re everyone’s best friend!

5. Leave the outside world behind

As soon as your wristband goes on, your real life switches off. You’ve more than likely paid a colossal amount to be there and could probably afford a holiday abroad for the same price. So make the most of it. Live it up. Wear those crazy leggings. Smile at random people. Dance like a loon. Feel the vibes.

One final tip: don’t spend too long sitting around at the campsite; you can do that in an empty field! The weekend will go by quickly, so explore everything whilst you have the chance.

I really wish someone would magic me up a festival ticket this year, it’s always the most amazing experience. If you’re going to one, enjoy! If you’ve already been to one, how was it?

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