Perranporth: a blustery but brilliant day at my favourite beach

On Thursday, I was lucky enough to go to my favourite place in Cornwall with three of my favourite people.

My friends Kylie and Craig, who getting married next month, happened to be on holiday in Cornwall this week. I’ve known Kylie since the first year of uni (scarily ten years ago!) and her and Craig have been together for eight of those years. They live in Bristol which means I sadly don’t get to see as much of them these days, so I was thrilled when I found out they were staying in Goonhavern, near Perranporth.

For the first 18 years of my life I lived in Truro, which is a 20 minute drive or bus ride from Perranporth. I spent many summer days on that beach with family and friends and many unforgettable evenings watching live music in the Watering Hole bar on the beach – I even spent my year 11 leavers’ party on the sand dunes! It’s a place which holds many memories for me and is one of the places I think of first when I tell people about Cornwall.

Luckily, Rémi had the day off too (but had to go to work in the evening) so he drove us down to where I refer to as ‘proper Cornwall’, a journey which took over an hour, but is obviously well worth it!


I really wish it could have been a gorgeous sunny day, especially as my friends had travelled down from Bristol, a trip which took them 5 hours due to holiday traffic. But sadly we can’t control the weather. We had a few light showers but mostly it was dry and a bit blustery; there were moments of sun at which point Kylie and I threw off our jumpers and grabbed our sunglasses!

It was great just to catch up so we spent most of our time sitting on a picnic table on the sand, outside the Watering Hole. We drank Cornish Rattler Cyder (a must for anyone staying in Kernow) and ate nachos, burgers and chips (keeping an eye on crafty seagulls at all times).

Kylie and Craig had brought a kite with them so, as the tide started going out, we headed down onto the massive expanse of beach and gave it a whirl. It may not have been perfect weather for sunbathing, but it was definitely perfect for kite flying!


We carried on walking until we got to the shoreline and Kylie and I went for a paddle whilst the boys – foolishly wearing trainers instead of sandals – stayed back a bit further. The sea felt quite warm, or at least warmer than it felt when I went for a swim a few weeks ago at Crantock, but I guess it would have felt different if I had waded in further!

I felt really jealous of everyone surfing and bodyboarding: the surf looked pretty powerful and I have so many memories of catching waves and the awesome feeling of adrenaline you get. Next time I go to Perranporth or indeed to any beaches on the north coast, I’m taking my bodyboard with me – I think it may be worth investing in a wetsuit though, I’m not as brave as I once was!

Standing on the beach I felt like the sea was beckoning me. This was the reason I moved back to Cornwall: to be able to spend time at beaches like this. Unfortunately, where I’m living at the moment is a long way from these beaches and the ones near where I am tend to have pebbles or grey sand, rather than the soft, golden sand in Perranporth. I suppose this beach will always feel like home to me because I spent so much time there growing up; I just hope I get to spend lots more time there in the future.

So, we explored some of the caves and rock pools – it’s amazing how the cliffs change and erode away – and then it began to drizzle, so we headed up the steps to a pub on the other side of the beach where we took refuge and had a game of cards.

I can’t wait to return to Perranporth on a brighter day; next time I will be armed with my body board, beach towel and maybe a frisbee or bat and ball. It’s crazy to think that it’s nearly August and I want to enjoy as much of the rest of the summer as possible.

Where’s your favourite beach in Cornwall and what are your favourite memories of being there?

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