Pasties in Polperro

Yesterday, my boyfriend had a day off work and we wanted to make the most of the weather while it lasts.

So, I suggested that we head around the coast from Looe to Polperro, a small fishing village on the South East Cornwall coast. I decided to drive because I’m not currently driving to work and feel like I need to practise my skills; as if I will magically forget how to drive or something!

We headed off just after midday. It had been a cloudy morning but the skies were beginning to clear with a promise of sunshine. We parked up and I swapped my ‘driving shoes’ for flip flops, slipped on my shades and took Rémi’s hand (that’s my boyfriend – he’s half French) as we strolled down the hill.

I absolutely adore quaint little fishing villages with quirky shops and pretty harbours. Polperro didn’t disappoint. I had been there once before with my mum, apparently we went to a pub by the sea and had fish pies but I couldn’t remember it that well for some reason.

We made a plan (I’m a self-confessed organiser) to have lunch first, then look around the shops while it was still overcast, before heading to the little beach to chill in the sun.

First stop: pasty paradise. No kidding, there were more pasties on display in this shop than I have ever seen! It’s the simple things that please us Cornish women…

Aptly named ‘Polperro Bakery‘, this cute little shop has a sunny courtyard garden where we decided to sit to devour our medium steaks. Whenever we have pasties, Rémi always asks me to review them like I am some kind of pasty connoisseur. I’d have to give them a 9/10 with top marks for seasoning but I prefer the pastry to be a bit crispier.

Satisfied and full, we ventured out into the narrow streets for a nose around. Now, I love exploring gift shops and galleries but was conscious that Rémi probably hadn’t had a shopping trip in mind! So, I tried not to make him go into every single one.

I’ve decided that when I finally move out of mum’s place, my own flat is going to be full of nautical and beach themed items. So you can imagine my delight when I found a plethora of seafaring souvenirs, with everything from table coasters adorned with anchors to ship wheel shaped mirrors. I must admit, I did get a little bit too excited about seaside themed toilet roll holders.

Of course, I don’t have the money to buy these wonderful creations at the moment, but I did sneakily buy a ‘beach rules’ sign which will be one of the first things I hang up in my future home. Rémi also bought me a ‘captain’ mug because he teasingly refers to me as ‘Captain Cornwall‘ due to my obsession with my Cornish heritage (hence the name of this blog). See both gifts below:

I also managed to buy my mum a birthday card, a slightly more useful purchase but I am very pleased with my beach themed goodies.

After I made Rémi trawl around several shops, we headed down to the beach. Ah, now here’s where my planning skills went a bit wrong: the tide had come in and there was no way to get down to the little cove.

Instead, we clambered up the cliff edge (many, many steps) and took some snaps of the view of Polperro village and harbour. Then we had ice creams (Cornish of course) and ate them on a bench with glorious sea views. The sea looked tropical in the sunlight with enchanting shades of blue and green; it was tempting to jump in, but those doing so were in wetsuits so we thought better of it!

We stopped off in Looe on the way home, just so we could enjoy lying on a beach for a bit. Unfortunately, there was a large group of teenagers playing terrible music loudly and being generally larey. It looks like the summer holidays have officially arrived. At least we had our fudge to look forward to when we got home (rum & raisin and thunder and lightning mmm mmm).

Catch you all soon!

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